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Hello Dolling!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy my original music while you peruse. Please check back now and again as this is a pleasurable work in progress. We'll have new bookings, music, pictures, videos, merchandise and links to really cool trusted sources coming your way as we get through our list of things to do for you! We are pleased to announce healing jewelry is underway and SRG Chakra Pendant has been created, displayed and ready for you on "Goods" page!

You'll find the audio player at bottom of each page, so you can turn it off while watching videos. We've been in the studio cranking out new songs, laying groundwork for 2 albums already. Now it's time to produce the debut album! My new producer fits my mission to create and share first class music that makes a positive difference in the world. If you have requests for which songs to be on the first album...send us your vote!  All suggestions are considered and appreciated. THANK YOU!!

If you have any ideas of how to improve your experience with Stephie Rae, live, online, on albums, or pictures for our photo albums, please feel free to share. If you know hit artist(s) who are perfect for certain song(s), please connect us. If you are happy and having as much fun as I am, then we have succeeded in our goal!

Thank you kindly for your interest and support! Without you, your love, inspiration, and support, I'd be writing and singing to myself!

Big Hugs in Health & Harmony,

Doc Stephie Rae

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