About Doc Stephie Rae

Stephie Rae is an award-winning Singer/Songwriter, and an acoustic guitarist who plays solo, and with her duo, trio or band, Stellarays. She has both a Psychology degree and Music degree in voice performance from University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse and is a multi-instrumentalist, usually playing acoustic rhythm guitar.
Stephie Rae writes and performs with the intention to soothe souls, lift spirits, and heal hearts. She writes, sings, dances, and works to raise the vibration of the universe, positively affect the listener deep within using evocative lyrics, entrancing melodies, captivating story lines, engaging rhythms, and natural Universal Frequencies. Due to her sweet yet powerful voice, Stephie Rae is called "The Singing Angel" by her peers, and her fans say, "Stephie Rae's voice doesn't come from her mouth, it comes from her heart and soul." As an entertainer, her live performances activate the audience with humor and real life stories behind her songs that listeners can relate to. 
It is evident she is influenced by a wide variety of styles and singers such as Sarah McLachlan, Alison Krauss, Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris (thus her nickname in Nashville, "Bonnie Lou Harris"), Linda Ronstadt, Karen Carpenter, Patsy Cline, Carole King, Eva Cassidy, Norah Jones, John Denver, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, John Hiatt, Dan Fogelberg, Eric Clapton, The Eagles, The Beatles, Southern Rock, among other classics.
Stephie Rae specializes in writing, performing and recording with the intention to heal and empower. She writes custom songs for clients' special loved ones and occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, life stories, holidays, romantic serenades, reality or comedy, etc. While she writes in any genre, her typical styles include Americana, Folk, Blues, Bluegrass, Gospel, Country, and Tropical Rock.
Stephie Rae is a business and community leader and encourages the music community to come together, give back, and be the voice of the people. She works with Homestead Hospice's Nurturing Arts Program as a Music Therapist, performing at assisted living facilities for the elderly and developmentally challenged. She is also a student of Cymatics, the study of sound, and a proponent of the movement back to A=432Hz, the natural Universal Frequency in which everything in the universe resonates together amplifying healing properties, unlike the current standard tuning. She continues to serve in many capacities on the Board of Directors for the Georgia Music Industry Association, a conduit to empower, educate and elevate songwriters, musicians, and those in Georgia who aspire to succeed in the music business. She is also a proud member of the National League of American Pen Women and Atlanta Chapter's 2013 Composer of the Year.
Doc Stephie Rae is also a graduate of Life University's Doctor of Chiropractic program, and a mobile Peak Performance Chiropractor to artists, athletes, crews, families and children of ALL ages ;) She is also a former Mayor of the City of Auburn, Georgia.