Doc Stephie Rae has been enhancing Quality of Life by providing intuitive holistic chiropractic services since 1998, when she graduated from Life University’s Doctor of Chiropractic program. She re-connects spirit, mind and body from pre-birth to babies to boomers and beyond! She is a mobile Peak Performance Family Wellness Chiropractor certified in prenatal, pediatrics and nutrition, serving performing artists, athletes, crews, corporations and families in Hall, Gwinnett and Forsythe Counties.

In addition to being an outstanding seasoned full spine and extremity adjuster, Doc Stephie has researched and hand-selected the highest quality, purest, and most effective organic products from the most ethical organizations. These products include nutritional supplements, superfoods, essential oils, Proper pillows, beds and more. Her recommendations are always first class after decades of trial and error with products and protocols to determine what's best for each individual.

For appointments, call 678-409-7823

Doc Stephie Rae has also designed beautiful high class powerful jewelry, SRG Clef Chakra Pendant, to promote natural healing properties found in the earth and universe with 10 pure gemstones set in detoxifying non-tarnish Sterling Silver. Each gemstone activates the chakras and the benefits of its energy centers. Plus, the pendant is infused with Stephie Rae's music’s natural universal resonant healing frequencies to amplify the effectiveness of this impressive potent piece.

Doc Stephie Rae is a leader in her community, professions and organizations in the spirit of giving back and paying forward. She is former member of International Board of Governors with World Chiropractic Alliance, former Mayor of the City of Auburn, Georgia, and long-term member of the Georgia Music Industry Association Board of Directors and former President. She is Founder and CEO of Harmonious Heart Inc, a non-profit whose specific purpose is to extend high quality chiropractic care, sonic healing and success principles to under-served populations, low-income individuals such as musicians, teachers, children, elderly and prisoners, and public servants, such as fire fighters, police, military, veterans.