Aren't All Transitions Good?

Things aren't always what they seem on the surface. When we go through transitions they are not necessarily comfortable. We can go purposefully, intentionally, willingly, or forcefully kicking and screaming. I find it interesting how situations that may be troublesome and stressful at first, end up opening the way for a better outcome than we could have imagined. We can choose to stay angry or sad, or we can forgive whomever, including ourselves, and look for the good! I could give many examples of personal experience, but we'll stick with 2 that have had or could have a major impact in my life:

The most dramatic was when my brother and I were sabotaged by a disgruntled ex. We both simultaneously lost everything, the residences where we lived, the office where we worked, and our band! Needless to say, that was highly traumatic and I was crushed! However, I was happy to cut my losses, and, through the grace of God, patients and friends, my brother got a lift from Atlanta back to his family in Phoenix (he lost his car too), and I ended up living on a boat on the lake in my own peaceful pauper's paradise. I took my practice on the road and wrote many songs rocking on my boat that shape my music and share my attitude. It taught me to be more careful who I let in my life. 7 years later, I am still recovering from the shock, and learning to trust again, however, I am forever grateful for that transition! 

Most recently, my car broke down twice in 18 hours on the way to a gig. There is never a good time time for a single female musician and mobile chiropractor 's car to break down after having used up all the AAA calls for the year. However, both times I was among friends who made sure my car and I were safe and well taken care of. During the ensuing 48 hours, my mechanic replaced my radiator hose, which got me 50 miles to my next show, where the radiator cracked. Nearby a Chiropractor friend's office, she loaned me her truck to get to the next and last gig for the weekend, which I had already rescheduled 4 hours later, and had a patient tow my car to his shop. While he replaced the radiator, I stayed with my friend, a former Chiropractic school band mate. She played drums and I played sax in "The Spinal Chords" pep band for the national championship basketball teams at Life University for our work study jobs. Now that was fun!

We had been talking about playing together for the last couple years, and had a chance to jam while I was comfortably captive at her place. Actually, I could have used her truck anytime if I wanted to leave, but then what musician would leave a chance to jam in the mountains of North Georgia?! Meanwhile, her spouse grinned from ear to ear, and said we should play together! We were glad to get the green light  and decided to move forward. It turns out this drummer had already ordered the kit she's been dreaming of for 25 years, and comes with her band mates who were recently without a lead singer. The next day she got their blessing, booked the first available rehearsal date with the whole band, and a couple days later she booked a half dozen shows for our duo! Well okay then! Guess she's motivated! It's nice to see the sense of urgency in someone other than myself. 

Meanwhile I continue in the studio with a wonderful producer, redirecting now and again to get the best results. And learn that patience, while not my strong suit, has its purpose and leaves the time for the right people and energy to find us and come together. In the meantime, I prepare for the best possible transition to the next level.

What tough transitions have blossomed for you? What good do you see in the changes?



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